Gema Powder Coating Equipment

Gema Powder Coating Equipment

As an authorised distributor for Gema Switzerland, we are able to provide a wide variety of Gema powder coating equipment and machinery to suit your specific needs and requirements.

  • Automatic Equipment and Guns
  • Automatic Booth Systems
  • Manual Equipment and Guns
  • Classic Line Manual Booths
  • Reciprocators, Axis & Automation
  • Powder Management Centres and Hoppers
  • Powder Feed Equipment and Systems
  • Sieving Solutions
  • Control Units
  • Powder Guns
  • Replacement Parts

We want to enable you to seek all your coating services and supplies from one source.

We work with the Gema range because of their reputation for delivering unrivalled products in the sphere of electrostatic powder coating. We are a Gema authorised distributor in three Australian states, and our detailed knowledge of all Gema powder coating machines is what allows us to provide consulting services, on-site training, and quality maintenance and repair services for all our valued customers.

When you work with RM Coating Supplies, you can even set up a customised service agreement. You can choose the monthly or bi-annual servicing that best suits your business needs, ensuring that your powder coating equipment continues to function at its peak.


Quality Designed And Manufactured Gema Powder Coating Machinery

As Australia’s leading powder coating supplier, our experts here at RM Coating Supplies can provide businesses both big and small with the right, industry based advise when looking into purchasing Gema Switzerland GmbH powder coating machinery.

With over 40 years of experience, our fully authorised team can also complete all necessary maintenance and repair services for your existing Gema powder coating machinery.

Contact our RM Coating Supplies team now to find out more about our vast range of Gema powder coating supplies and machinery services.

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