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Electrostatic Powder Coating Guns

Achieve an impressive finish every time, with the Gema range of manual and automatic coating equipment from the RM Coating Supplies range. Gema has led the world for many years in the area of electrostatic powder coating. From simple, manually operated electrostatic powder coating guns, through to automated systems that can serve large powder coating operations, Gema offers the solutions that their customers worldwide can rely on.

Whether you run a large or small business, and whether powder coating is an added extra, or the very lifeblood of your business, our team can help you to find the right electrostatic powder coating guns and equipment to suit your needs.


Gema OptiFlex Pro Powder Coating Gun

RM Coating Supplies supply the latest manual electrostatic powder coating guns from Gema, including the new generation of Gemas OptiFlex Pro powder coating gun, control unit, and pump systems. With the new PowerBoost technology that ensures superior application performance, the OptiFlex Pro manual units are sure to impress, and to become an invaluable part of your system equipment.

Amongst the range of electrostatic powder coating guns for sale from Gema - and available for supply from RM Coating Supplies, as part of a system that is tailored to your needs - you will find options that allow you to process all powder types with ease, coating even complex parts for an outstanding quality of finish. The latest generation of nozzles are designed so that powder distributes and penetrates with outstanding results.

Whether working in a difficult industrial environment, or taking your first steps into smart factory automation, Gema is the worldwide industrys winning option. Continually supporting the industry with their new innovations, smart technology like Gemas Electrostatic App will allow you to enjoy a straightforward manual coating process.

Gemas components have been designed to fit together intuitively, for industrial suitability and use throughout the world. When you come to RM Coating Supplies, you will find a range of our own Australian made parts, which can be combined with Gemas OptiFlex Pro, and other ranges, for a powerful package. We work with you to design, install, and support the system that gives you superior manual powder coating results.

The range we carry has been selected to meet our clients various needs. We are always happy to consult with you so that you find the powder coating solutions that are right for your workplace.


Gema OptiFlex 2 Powder Coating Gun Repairs

RM Coating Supplies are committed to providing the best service for all our clients. We design, install, and offer in-depth training on all systems and the equipment that we supply. We also provide expert repairs for current, and older generation equipment.

This includes servicing and repair work for older models, such as the Gema OptiFlex 2 powder coating guns, control units and pump systems. You can rest assured that all RM Coating Supplies service agreements will be honoured by our technicians. We work to bring you the latest from trusted names like Gema, while continuing to uphold the servicing agreements that keep older systems and components operating at their best for your business.

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