As the trusted leaders in Australia’s powder coating equipment industry, we provide the most comprehensive consulting services available. Our 30 years of experience allows us a level of expertise and skill rarely seen in any industry and we only look to share that earned knowledge with our valued clients.

Our professional consultation services, for those looking to enter the industry and for those who are interested in finding more effective ways to run their existing powder coating operations, will help outline areas of attention and provide education in regards to specific problems or issues. Our skilled and knowledgeable advisers can guide your operations managers towards suitable powder coating equipment and the layout of said equipment; comparing differing systems in order to help you fully make the best decisions for your business. We'll also assist in making sure that all suppliers receive the same specifications, that the recommendations we make are fulfilled and that your highest expectations are met. Contact the staff at RM Coating Supplies for more information about our consulting services.

Our expert consultations include:

Assessing and Optimizing your Powder Coating Operation

  • Production Capacity assessment and recommendations to increase
  • Production Efficiency analysis and recommendations to improve
  • Finish Quality assessment and recommendations to improve
  • Powder Consumption assessments and recommendations to reduce
  • Benchmarking your powder coating systems performance
  • Operation and Maintenance Training – Practical effective training tailored to your specific requirements (See Training Services)
  • Production Throughput – surface area or number of parts per hour or shift
  • Powder Consumption – ft2 or m2 coverage per lb or kg of powder used
  • Color Changes - down time for spray to waste and reclaim color changes
  • Reject Rate - percentages due to powder coating faults
  • Man Hours per surface area or number of parts produced


Consider engaging a highly qualified, experienced and trusted 3rd party to represent your best interests for these Reasons:

  • We work with you to establish precisely what your requirements are, the most suitable equipment and layout
    Assurance that the equipment or plant you purchase meets all of your requirements
  • All suppliers receive the same specifications
    Make fair and accurate comparisons to help you make the best choice
  • Chosen suppliers equipment is bound to conform to your specifications
    No surprises, you get what you pay for
  • Your requirements and expectations are met.

Specifications for Powder Coating Application Equipment Covering

  • Design / Fabrication / Performance / Production Capability / Safety Conformance
  • Part Jigging / Racking
  • Part Handling / Conveyor Systems
  • Pretreatments – Chemical / Abrasive Blasting
  • Ovens – Drying / Curing
  • Environmental Rooms – Temperature Humidity Controlled / Clean Rooms
  • Compressed Air – Compressors / Filters / Dryers
  • Part Identification Systems
  • Powder Application Equipment – Corona / Tribo / Fluidized Bed / Disk
  • Powder Application Automation – Gun Movers, Reciprocators and Robots
  • Powder Recovery Booths –Cartridge / Cyclones / Multi Cyclones
  • Powder Handling - Sieving / Bulk Transfer
  • Part Cooling
  • Jig Cleaning

Please contact us for a proposal to prepare a specification or manage your project