Training Services for Powder Coating Applicators

Being able to offer the highest level of service and expertise first relies on a qualified and able staff. A companys ability to achieve expert status is highly dependent on the proficiency of their staff members. As a company who has achieved the level of mastery in powder coating application, we are proud to offer comprehensive training services for powder coating applicators. Our powder coating training sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and to attain set objectives for your applicator trainees. Our goal is to help you enhance the performance of your staff, and therefore, enhance your overall powder coating operation as well.


Most-frequently covered training subjects include:

  • Introduction to Powder Coating Training All About, Benefits, Finishes, Chemistries and their Appropriate Uses.
  • Pretreatment Purpose and Importance, Types and Application Methods
  • Production Throughput Optimization
  • Part Racking and Jigging Optimizing and Earthing / Grounding Requirements
  • Compressed Air Requirements
  • Powder Application Corona Electrostatic, Tribo Spray and Fluidized Bed
  • Powder Booth Operation Cartridge Filter, Cyclones and Multi Cyclones
  • Color Changing Procedures and Target Times
  • Reclaiming and Spraying Powder to Waste
  • Sieving and Bulk Feeding
  • Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Application Problems Troubleshooting and Resolution
  • Finish Defect Troubleshooting and Resolution
  • Quality Control Testing Methods, Procedures and Record Keeping
  • Key Performance Indicators to Monitor your Powder Coating Lines Performance
  • Safety Hazards, Personal Protective Equipment, Material Safety Data Sheets, Avoiding Injury

Training Program Features

  • Tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements
  • Classroom Open Forum with active participation encouraged and Power Point training modules
  • Hands On equipment demonstrations
  • Questionaries to assess participants training comprehension and skill level
  • Certificates awarded on completion

Time Requirements and Locations

  • Classroom Sessions typically range between 2hrs and 4hrs
  • Hands-On Sessions typically range between 1/2hr and 1hr
  • Location Your Facility or off site location of your choice

Who Should Attend Powder Coating Training

  • Operators / Sprayers
  • Supervisors / Managers
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Part Loaders / Un-Loaders
  • Pre-treatment and Quality Control personnel
  • Anyone with direct or indirect involvement with your powder coating operation

Please contact us for any of your powder coating equipment training needs.