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Gema OptiFlex Replacement Parts

As the authorised distributors of Gema Switzerland GmbH accessories and equipment, our highly skilled team of professionals here at RM Coating Supplies can help you find the right Gema OptiFlex replacement parts for your system as soon as possible.

with over 40 years of experience in the industry, our experts will be able to work closely with all our clients to ensure they have the right parts that are either the exact same or most suitable replacement components for their systems. Gema Switzerland GmbH is a world renowned leading supplier of electrostatic powder coating equipment, which makes replacing their parts easier coming from RM Coating Supplies.

Whether youre looking for a new insert sleeve, filter element, conductive powder hose, nozzle or check valve, RMCS can supply parts across 3 Australian states.

Contact our RM Coating Supplies team to find out which Gema OptiFlex replacement parts your machine will require today.

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