Powder Pumps (Transfer / Spray)

Gema OptiSpray Pumps

Here at RM Coating Supplies, we are proud to be a Gema Switzerland authorised distributor across Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. For over half a century, Gema have been leading the electrostatic powder coating industry worldwide with their blend of innovation and experience.

Here at RM Coating Supplies, we support and can stock all replacement parts for Gema’s range of powder feed pumps, including the popular Gema OptiSpray pumps. Should we not have the stock in, we will ensure it will be our priority to arrange it for you.

Power feed equipment and systems that we can supply include venturi injectors and dense phase pumps for powder feed volumes large or small, with either organic or enamel powder.

Optimising systems with the right components and tailoring them to our clients’ needs is what we do here at RM Coating Supplies. We work with products like the updated IG07 OptiFlow injector, which will easily integrate into any system. Exchange the one-piece cartridge, and keep the injector performing with optimal results, all while reducing wear consumption, and guaranteeing efficient powder transport.

Innovative solutions such as Gema’s new OptiSpray pump AP01 deliver remarkable powder coating savings, and outstanding coating quality. Even with high powder outputs and long powder hoses, constant coating results are maintained.

With a commitment to providing complete solutions for all of our valued customers, we can help you find the ideal set up to complement your product output. We also work in the areas of consultation, repairs, and training, to provide the best support possible for your business.

We can assist operations managers as they seek to select the best equipment for their business. We can also offer on-site training at your workplace, so that every member of the team is up to speed, with a thorough understanding of how to get the best from their new Gema OptiSpray Pumps.

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