Gema Optifeed PP07 Powder Pump

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Product Overview

Smart powder transfer solution
OptiFeed 4.0 is the enhanced bulk powder feed pump with Plug & Convey» functionality. This digitally controlled pump may be quickly integrated into the coating system for either new or existing lines or used as stand-alone product. Depending on the application, the communication with the pump is from a master control system or directly on the pump‘s integrated display.

Mass powder transport over long distances
OptiFeed 4.0 provides a highly reliable and efficient mass powder transfer. The proven dense-phase pump technology achieves with minimal conveying air a consistent powder transfer of up to 6 kg/min with feeding distances of up to 30 meters.Engineered to handle all materials, the optimized powder path is suitable for organic, metallic and enamel powders. Whether the OptiFeed 4.0 is used for fresh feed or recovery powder, the powder will be gently transferred to the powder hopper.

Optimized color change without cross contamination
OptiFeed 4.0 provides contamination-free, fast color change regardless of the material being transferred.

High cleaning efficiency for optimized color changes
The bi-directional cleaning of the pump and the powder hoses ensures an optimal cleaning performance for any powder during every color change


(No reviews yet) Write a Review