Coating Adhesion Tester

Instantly assess the quality of the bond to the substrate, with the right coating adhesion tester. With quality products from names like DeFelsko, Elcometer, and our own RM Coating Supplies range, you will find what you need for factory testing, or adhesion testing out in the field.

With a range of options, you can carry out coating adhesion testing on thin or thick, curved, or flat substrates, including concrete, metal, wood, or other fibrous materials.

Paint Adhesion Tester

From complete laboratory tests, to lightweight, ergonomic paint adhesion testers that can be used out in the field, there are many options to meet different needs. You can work in confined, or otherwise awkward spaces without a problem, and always have the testing capacity that you need.  

When you are working to meet national or even international standards, you can find an adhesion tester with fully adjustable pull rates. You will also find gauges with user-friendly operating systems, and smart device connectivity.

Quickly and accurately measure dry film thickness using one of Elcometer’s paint thickness gauges. These gauges are accurate and easy-to-use, having been developed specifically for use in the industrial paint and powder industries.

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