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Defelsko PosiTest AT-A Automatic

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Product Overview

Pull-off Adhesion Testers

  • Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other rigid substrates.
  • Select from four Stand-offs - 20 mm, 50 mm, 50x50 mm Tile and 50 mm C1583
  • Environmentally sealed enclosure—weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof—meets or exceeds IP65
  • Inexpensive, single-use dollies eliminate cleaning for re-use and can be kept as a permanent record
  • Self-aligning aluminum dolly enables accurate measurements on smooth or uneven surfaces
  • 10, 14, 20 or 50 mm dollies maximize capability and measurement resolution across a wide range of bond strengths
  • Calibrated and certified to ± 1% accuracy using a NIST traceable load cell
  • Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST included (Long Form)

PosiTest AT - Automatic 

  • Electronically controlled hydraulic pump automatically applies smooth and continuous pull-off pressure. Greatly reduces user effort and the risk of influencing the pulling process
  • User adjustable pull rate, pull limit and hold time
  • Internal memory stores maximum pull-off pressure, rate of pull, test duration, dolly size, pass/fail, nature of fracture and user notes for 100,000 pulls in up to 1,000 batches
  • Impact and scratch resistant color touch screen with keypad for operation with or without gloves
  • Compatible with PosiSoft Desktop, PosiSoft.net and PosiTector App (Apple iOS and Android)

PosiTest AT-M Manual 

  • Manual hydraulic pump designed to apply smooth and continuous pressure with a single stroke
  • Pull Rate Indicator to manually monitor and adjust the rate of pull
  • Internal memory stores maximum pull-off pressure, rate of pull, test duration and dolly size for up to 200 pulls
  • Compatible with PosiSoft Desktop for viewing, printing and storing measurement data


(No reviews yet) Write a Review