Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Here at RM Coating Supplies, you will find a range of personal protective equipment (PPE), including quality powered air purifying respirators. As with all equipment available, we aim to give you the options you need, so that you can make the right choices for your workplace.

Many will choose powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs) as an alternative to negative-pressure filter respirators. A PAPR can provide more comfortable protection over extended periods of time in warm or cool conditions, and the ability to adjust the fan assisted airflow gives users greater control.

The visor systems, hoods, and face masks in our range allow you to choose the level of protection that is required. Many of these all-in-one units prove popular because the ease of use aids in compliance, and the design provides better protection than other styles of face mask which rely on careful fitting before protection can be ensured.

In addition to the protection they offer against dust and particulates, visor systems also protect the face and eyes from liquid splashes or impact.

Providing the finishing industry with the right equipment has been our aim for over 40 years. The RM Coating Supplies team hold a wealth of knowledge, and we will always be happy to consult with our clients, offering training and advice, so that you can choose and use the powder coating equipment and PPE that best meets your business needs.

We have an extensive PPE catalogue dedicated to supporting the coating industry. It offers a range of personal protective equipment and site safety products. We supply our own range of disposable Type 5 and 6 SMS coveralls, as well as hand protection, eye protection, respiratory protection, and site safety items. You’re safe with us.

We work to provide the right equipment and consulting services throughout Australia, and we source, manufacture, and supply a comprehensive range, so that you can always find the right products, replacement parts, or consumables when needed.

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