Temperature and Climate Measurement

Dew Point Meter Equipment For Sale

As one of the more essential measurement tools that can accurately record changes in climate, a dew point meter system will help determine the temperature at which condensation begins to form. A dew point meter will ensure the correct amount of condensation is recorded during the coating process.

With over 40 years of experience in the finishing industry, our team here at RM Coating Supplies are the highly skilled professionals you can rely on for the right meter and logger advice.


Quality Designed & Manufactured Relative Humidity Meter Systems

A relative humidity meter is a device used to measure both the temperature of dry air as well as the air as evaporation occurs at the same time. At RM Coating Supplies, we have a vast range of thermometers available from Elcometer and Defelsko to help measure and record relative humidity.

From digital laser thermometers, digital waterproof thermometers, digital pocket thermometers, paint thermometers to magnetic thermometers, RMCS has you covered. We can also supply our clients with a high end data management software from ElcoMaster, as well as concrete moisture meters and digital moisture meters.


Oven Temperature Logger For Companies Across Australia

When it comes to collecting data from the inside of an oven, our oven temperature logger systems here at RM Coating Supplies are exactly what you need.

To find out which meter or logger will be the most accurate when measuring and recording the climate of your equipment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts here at RMCS today. Give us a call on 1300 854 862 now to find out more.

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