Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter

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Product Overview

The rugged Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter is designed to measure and record all relevant climatic parameters required to determine whether the conditions are suitable for painting.

The versatile Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter is able to measure and record the following climatic parameters:

• Relative humidity
• Air temperature
• Surface temperature
• Dewpoint temperature
• TΔ (the difference between surface temperature and dewpoint)
• Dry Bulb temperature
• Wet Bulb temperature
• External temperature correction (K-type)
• Specific humidity

The Elcometer 319 Dew Point Meter features both manual and automatic data logging in one gauge1, with integrated magnets allowing the gauge to be attached to a substrate during remote logging. Its rapid response time and intuitive menu structure make measuring climatic conditions quick and easy.

Adjustable limits can be set for each measurement parameter which triggers visual and audible alarms whenever a limit is exceeded, ideal for use in paint booths.

Using external probes, the versatile gauge can also be used as a thermometer - ideal for measuring temperature of paint prior to application and to measure surface temperature during remote logging.

It's what you do with the data that counts

Via Bluetooth® or USB, the Elcometer 319 can be connected to a PC, Android™ or iOS mobile device to download data into an inspection application or ElcoMaster®. Data can then be sent to colleagues and clients in real-time and instant professional inspection reports can be generated at the press of a button.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review