Service and Repair

As Melbourne's most reliable source of powder coating equipment, we are able to offer the area's most skilled equipment maintenance and repair. Our master technicians understand that when it comes to non-operating equipment, time is money and will strive to do their very best to get your equipment running at its optimum efficiency as quickly as possible. 

RM Coating Supplies technicians are proficient in, and support, all major brands of powder coating equipment and dust collectors including:

  • Gema
  • Nordson
  • Wagner
  • Parker Ionics

Emergency Repair Services

Like any mechanical gear, powder coating equipment can malfunction. When it does, expert repair performed by knowledgeable and professional technicians is imperative to ensuring a quick recovery and little down time. For emergency repair services that can be relied on contact our Melbourne staff at 1300-854-862 to schedule a service appointment.

Service Agreements to keep your powder coating equipment running well

RM Coating Supplies is passionate about helping our clients keep their businesses running at their peak. Our service agreements are geared to maintain our clients powder coating equipment in order to avoid mechanical issues and to keep parts running at their best. Benefits of a customized service agreement include:

  • Greater equipment reliability reduces costly down time
  • Optimal equipment performance for:
    • Faster more efficient coating
    • Better coverage in recesses for superior finish and minimal rejects
    • Higher powder transfer efficiency - Powder Savings
    • Operator Safety

Service Agreement tailored to your requirements

Because the size of our client's operations vary so greatly, we customize our service agreements to fit individual needs. Larger applicators with many automatic guns and multiple coating lines may require servicing as often as one a month, while smaller applicators with a single manual gun may find twice per year is adequate. Contact our staff to set up a service agreement meant solely for you and your business needs.