Dust Collector Repairs

As Melbourne's most reliable source of powder coating equipment, we are able to offer the area's most skilled equipment maintenance and dust collector repairs. Our master technicians understand that when it comes to non-operating equipment, time is money, so we strive to get your equipment running at its optimum efficiency as quickly as possible. 

Here at RM Coating Supplies, we are also proud to offer our own line of dust collectors. As part of our commitment to quality, we will provide replacement parts and dust collector repairs for any equipment from the RMCS range.

We maintain our commitment to providing all of our valued clients with the best equipment, service, and advice. We strive to foster lasting partnerships with our own suppliers, and with our clients, who can always count on the RM Coating Supplies team for consulting services, training, and repairs.

Powder Booth Equipment Repairs

Working with world-renowned names such as Gema, gives our clients access to some of the best technological innovation in the powder coating market today. Our years of industry experience allow us to pinpoint problems accurately and efficiently, offering replacement parts and reliable equipment repairs, or entire system powder booth repairs, to get your equipment up and running again.

We offer scheduled maintenance services, service agreements, and emergency repair services. Like any mechanical gear, powder coating equipment can malfunction. When it does, expert repair performed by knowledgeable and professional technicians is imperative to ensuring a quick recovery and little down time. 

For emergency repair services that can be relied on, contact our head office at 1300 854 862 to schedule an urgent appointment.