Gema IG06 Optiflow Powder Injector

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Product Overview

OptiFlow Powder Injector: reliable and precise

The OptiFlow's unique design reduces wear consumption and guarantees a constant powder flow for a long time with any organic powder.

The OptiFlow injector can be dismounted easily without any special tool. Maintenance is limited to the regular exchange of the insert sleeve.

This product is designed to be easily installed on OptiCenters and on any normal powder hopper.

The OptiFlow injector is used for conveying normal organic powders between the powder hopper and the powder gun. The injector is supplied with a PTFE insert sleeve as standard. The OptiFlow Injector is a plug-in type and permits easy handling and quick cleaning. All connections are plug-in types and not interchangeable. The injector can be disassembled without special tools.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review