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Gema APO1.1 Pump

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Product Overview

OptiSpray AP01 - The powder output always under control!

Stable coating quality over long periods of time
The dense phase technology is aimed at users who have to meet high quality requirements and place the highest value on process reliability. The OptiSpray AP01 application pump achieves consistent, reproducible, high-quality coating results over long production periods. The design of the application pump is optimally designed for fast color changes.

The Smart Inline Technology (SIT) and the unique single chamber system of the pump ensure a linear and extremely precise powder flow. The constant powder delivery of the OptiSpray increases the transfer efficiency and helps to achieve significant powder savings.

The OptiStar control unit precisely monitors and controls all pneumatic and electrostatic parameters of the application. The OptiSpray application pump precisely conveys the powder from the powder container to the gun and guarantees a constant powder flow and homogeneous powder output.

The Gema guns offer highest transfer efficiency and perfect coating quality and are ideal for frequent color changes.

Customer benefits OptiSpray AP01
– Stable coating quality over long production times
– Reproducible coating results
– Up to 15 % powder savings
– Fast on/off switching of the guns
– Quick and easy color change
– Gentle powder transport
– High powder output even with long powder hoses
– Process reliability
– Easily accessible maintenance

The OptiSpray AP01 Application pump is intended for conveying coating powder to the powder gun. Any other use is considered non-compliant. The manufacturer shall not be liable for damage resulting from such use;

the user bears sole responsibility for such actions. The OptiSpray AP01 Application pump operates only in combination with the OptiStar CG12-CP (automatic equipment) or the OptiStar CG11-P Control unit (manual equipment).

The OptiSpray AP01 application pump will only operate in combination with the OptiGun GA03-P automatic gun or with other Gema models with a suitable diffuser (spraying air adapter). 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review