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GEMA GA03 Automatic Gun

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Product Overview

OptiGun GA03 – robust design producing the highest transfer efficiency
- Excellent coating results with all types of powder – even demanding metallic and special powders
- Optimal transfer efficiency due to 100,000 volts of First Pass Power
- Quick color change design
- Broad range of application accessories
- Simple maintenance procedures
- Wear resistant and ergonomic design
- Suitable for all Gema pump technologies

OptiGun – for quick color changes
The automatic powder gun, OptiGun, is compact and easy to maintain. During color changes, the gun is quickly cleaned
and ready to be used again.

Save powder
The automatic OptiGun with integrated cascade delivers 100,000 volts of First Pass Power, producing the highest transfer efficiency in combination with the gun control OptiStar®. The patented DVC technology ensures a precise and constant powder delivery, resulting in a more uniform distribution and remarkable powder savings.

Perfect interaction of all system components
The combination of the innovative booth design of the Magic Systems, with the best gun technology and the flexible and versatile OptiCenter, exceeds even highest customer expectations in coating quality and quick color changes. The Magic System's powder circuit guarantees continuous and consistent powder feed with minimal wear on parts. All system components are perfectly synchronized and ensure perfect coating results and optimal working conditions.

Customer Benefit:
- Superior application performance with all types of powder
- Top color change properties
- Highest levels of reliability
- Maximum flexibility
- Powder savings
- Minimized operating costs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review