Gema OptiCenter OC09

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Product Overview

Make color change work for you

OptiCenter OC09 is the gateway solution for low to medium powder consumers seeking to improve powder utilisation efficiency of their multi-color processes, by eliminating multiple fluidised hoppers and reducing operator involvement. The system stands out through its clean color change performance without multiple hoppers, its modular design and the flexible system integration. Due to the comprehensive range of options the OC09 is designed to adapt easily to increased future process and production demands.

Faster and more efficient color change
OptiCenter is a fully integrated process solution that provides economical powder usage, while driving fast and more efficient color
change without the need of handling and cleaning of multiple hoppers. The heart of the OptiCenter is the OptiHopper; a fluidised 60l container, where the powder is perfectly conditioned. The optimal integration of the injectors ensures a smooth powder flow to the spraying guns for best coating results. The new OptiHopper enables rapid powder discharge during color change. The generous opening of the OptiHopper allows efficient hopper cleaning with the vacuum cleaner nozzle which is directly attached at the OptiCenter housing.

Optimized semi-automatic cleaning
Achieve a high cleaning efficiency of the OptiHopper and all powdercarrying components with the step-by-step cleaning program.

Air mover cleaning
Air mover with PowerClean technology minimises powder losses during application and provides optimal cleaning of the OptiHopper and powder path during color change.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review