Gema MagicCompact EquiFlow Series

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Product Overview

Unique Cylinder design for best performance
The unique MagicCylinder design ensures low powder accumulations and quick cleaning even without entering the booth

Minimum powder accumulations in the booth
Magic Systems remain clean during operation: the non-conductive plastic walls and the self-cleaning floor prevent powder accumulations.

An intelligent airflow distribution
The patented EquiFlow technology ensures a powerful air extraction at the booth openings and a gentle airflow in the automatic section.

A complete range of solutions for every need
Magic Systems are easy to customize in booth dimensions, air volume, number and position of guns and touch-up stations.

OptiCenter: the core of the cleaning process
The OptiSpeeder hopper, the injectors and the powder hoses are automatically cleaned with powerful compressed air blasts at color change.

Best gun for color change
The optimized design, the smooth material and the innovative nozzles make Gema guns the best for color change.

OptiFlex® Automatic Equipment
A modular product line easily tailored to customers' needs, offering perfect application quality, large powder savings and a quick payback.

Automated color change process
With Gema Magic Systems the color change process is easy and quick, even with just one operator.

Solutions for automatic powder coating
– Proven booth series for the coating of a wide range of industrial and big parts
– EquiFlow technology ensures homogenous air flow
– Perfect coating conditions inside the booth and at the touch-up stations
– Quick and high quality color change
– Flexible design concept for customized solution
– Maintenance free booth solution without any moving parts
– Opposite arranged manual coating stations for touch-up
– Vertical powder extraction eliminates any powder escape from the booth


(No reviews yet) Write a Review