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Powder Coating Test Equipment & Quality Control

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Powder Coaters takes pride in being leaders in applying in-house quality assurance practices. Whether you’re testing adhesion, hardness, thickness, gloss or temperature, most sites should have quality assurance standards within. These in-house workshops operate the latest in coating inspection technologies.

Brands such as Elcometer, TPS, DeFelsko and our own range of RMCS Test Equipment are able to assist you to achieve the best outcome of your final product. These testing procedures allow business to ensure and confirm their processes, methods and practices. Testing also allows you to work with your customers to successfully ensure quality testing specifications.

So what is Quality Control in this industry?

Depending on the coating specification, there are recommended on-site tests that should be performed to help ensure the applied powder coating will meet the specified performance requirements.

Listed below are some of the most common in-plant tests.

Cleaned and Pre-treated Parts

  • Water Break Inspection – visually inspect the parts as they exit the final rinse stage. Surface should be completely wetted out, water breaks or droplets indicate the parts are not properly cleaned.
  • White Rag test - Rub a white rag on dry pretreated part to evaluate cleanliness.
  • Metal Etch and Pre-treatment Coating Conversion Weight Measurements
  • Most aluminium powder coaters will perform these tests using an analytical balance.

Finished Powder Coated Parts Tests

  • Solvent cure test – usually straight MEK solvent is applied to the powder coated part and resistance to the solvent is used to evaluate the degree of cure. Consult your powder supplier on the recommended solvent and test procedure.
  • Adhesion test – cross hatch tape pull test to evaluate the powder coating adhesion to the substrate.
  • Thickness - There are many instruments available to accurately measure dry film builds. This is essential to ensure proper film builds are being applied.
  • Permeability - Part is placed in a pressure cooker with de-ionised water. Part isevaluated for loss of adhesion.
  • Impact Test – Forward and Reverse - evaluates powder adhesion and flexibility.
  • Hardness – pencil hardness or Buchholz hardness.
  • Colour and Gloss - Matched to coating supplier’s standard panels.
  • Visual finish appearance - inspection of colour, gloss, flow, edge coverage, texture etc to powder coating supplier’s standard.

Should you need more information on our range of test equipment that can help you please do contact us on 1300 854 862 or sales@rmcoatingsupplies.com.au

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