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Powder Coating Equipment that Rocks

Being a leader of any industry for more than 30 years will teach you a few things: Who to work with, who to avoid; what products are reliable, which are sure to let you down; what companies operate with integrity, what companies leave you wanting. After many years of being the powder coating specialists in [...]

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The Most Common Mistakes Regarding Personal Protective Equipment

Year after year, businesses in the plastic coating industry suffer both monetary and labor losses due to injury caused by the misuse or the non-use of personal protective equipment. Though standards exist regarding the proper implementation of personal safety apparel and equipment there still exists areas of non-compliance, for which there are several reasons. Businesses [...]

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The Most Comprehensive Training for Powder Coating Applicators

As a continually-growing worldwide industry, the need for qualified and skilled powder coating applicators continues to grow. Because of this increasing need across the industry, our training programs at RM Coating Supplies are also growing in popularity. Our expert instructors are dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction and education to those interested in [...]

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The Benefits of Powder Coating

As Australian's most knowledgeable and experienced powder coating application specialists we know and understand the many benefits of a quality powder coating has over traditional liquid coatings. These benefits include:1. The aspects of powder coating include resistance to abrasion and corrosion from acids and solvents. It provides excellent electrical insulation qualities and can be applied [...]

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The Future of Powder Coating

We envision nothing but a beautiful outlook for powder coating. Though historically inhibited by the constraints of technology, new innovations within the powder coating industry point to an increased growth in the near future as we see explosions into new applications and increased use of powder coating over liquid paint.  In 2010 global demand for powder [...]

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