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Melbourne's Powder Coating Professionals

Posted by Christopher Hahn on 29th Nov 2014

First of all, what is powder coating? It’s a process in which a dry, free-flowing powder is attached to a substance, usually metal. You’ll find this process mainly used for automobile and bicycle parts, household appliances, drum hardware and aluminum extrusions. The finish is usually tougher and harder than conventional paint. Since it doesn't have a liquid carrier, there can be thicker coatings without sagging or running.

Typically powder coating is applied electrostatically. It’s then cured under intense heat to allow it to flow and form a kind of skin. The skin will eventually cool and form an extremely hard finish. Since there’s no carrier fluid to evaporate away, a minimal amount of volatile organic compounds are emitted. Powder coating also offers a greater degree of creativity. Several different kinds of powder colors can be applied before the curing process, which allows bleed effects and color blending on a single layer.

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