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Quality Control - What they eyes cannot see...

Posted by RM Coating Supplies Pty Ltd on 4th Mar 2019

Quality is important in any industry. At RM Coating Supplies the quality of our customers output is central to what we do and what we offer. Our commitment is to always better meet the needs of our customers, including adding new test equipment to our listing to help meet their performance and financial requirements. Though with so many products out there how does one know what is actually required ?

When your powder coating job has been completed your next step should be quality control testing. Depending on the coating specification, there are recommended on-site tests that should be performed to help ensure the applied powder coating will meet the specified requirements. If the coating has to tolerate harsh environments or resist the everyday normal wear and tear, then you and your customers need to know what to anticipate from your coating works.

However, ensuring your quality control measures are met will allow you to retain your existing customers and expand your powder coating business more.

RM Coating Supplies has a comprehensive range of coating inspection equipment. Businesses can trust our test equipment range to accurately measure wet film to dry film coating thickness, surface profile to cleanliness, humidity to dewpoint, material thickness, coating adhesion to gloss and porosity detection.

Listed below are some of the most common tests for basic coating inspection:

  • Cross Hatch Adhesion Test
  • Dry Film Thickness
  • Appearance Testing
  • Surface Cleanliness and Surface Profile

The complete listing of test conducting before, during and after the powder coating process is as follows:

  • Water Break Inspection
  • White Rag Test
  • Metal Etch and Pre-treatment Coating Conversion Weight Measurements
  • Solvent Cure Test
  • Coating Inspection Kits
  • Surface Cleanliness and Surface Profile
  • Moisture
  • RH, Dewpoint & Temperature
  • Oven Temperature Profile
  • Wet Film & Powder Thickness
  • Dry Film Thickness
  • Adhesion Testers
  • Pinhole & Porosity
  • Permeability
  • Impact Testing

For more information or to obtain a copy of RM Coating Supplies exclusive and comprehensive Approved Applicator Booklet and Price List please contact us today on 1300 854 862 or sales@rmcoatingsupplies.com.au and our technical sales personnel will provide support and assistance.