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Powder Coating Made Easy

Posted by RM Powder Coating on 4th Mar 2015

Powder coating is fast becoming one of Melbourne’s more popular forms of finishing products. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, powder coating is also a do-it-yourself technique when you have the right equipment.

If you are looking for powder coating equipment, then look no further than RM Coating Supplies. We have everything from powder spray pumps right down to accessory equipment like a conveyer speed indicator

We will highlight powder coating equipment here in the blog from time to time. We might as well start with everyone’s favorite coating equipment, the powder spray guns. We want to start you off with a modest spray gun built mostly for small jobs, the OptiFlex 2B - Vibratory Box Feed Unit. The product description says it best, so we’ll defer to it before we close.

“OptiFlex®2 Manual Box Unit delivers fast turnaround for small to medium production runs, and when color change is a critical part of your powder coating equipment operation.”

You can change colors in a flash:

“For quick and easy color changes, the OptiFlex®2 manual box unit is your perfect choice. It is designed to use the powder manufacturer’s original carton. An inclined vibration table allows complete emptying of the powder box via the fluidized suction tube. As an option, the OptiFlex®2 box unit is available as a double-gun version for spraying both sides in an online booth.”

Also it has a Dual Gun Unit, for when you want to have two operators:

“When two operators are required, OptiFlex®2 can be configured as a Dual Gun unit. Both operators each have a powder coating gun, control unit and pump that use powder from the same container and cart. The second unit can be trolley mounted or remotely located on a booth mounted bracket.”

When you need some flexibility with your small to medium size job, the OptiFlex 2B is a great option. Get all your powder coating equipment and accessories from RM Coating Supplies.