Vertical Reciprocator (ZA10) with OptiMove

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Product Overview

The powerful basic reciprocator

The ZA10 reciprocator is the perfect entry-level model for customers from different markets and with various
application demands.

The size (stroke length = 1800 mm) allows a loading capacity of up to 25 kg (6 automatic guns). The reciprocator distinguishes itself by its robust design and easy integration into existing coating systems as stand-alone reciprocator. The vertical reciprocator ZA10 is equipped with a state-of-the-art drive technology, a synchronized motor with servo drive. Thanks to the high efficiency during continuous operation this advanced drive technology excels conventionally used AC induction motors.

Customer Benefits:
▪ Suitable for short-stroke and long-stroke operation
▪ Slim column design allows space-saving arrangement of the guns
▪ Extremely smooth running through toothed belt transmission
▪ Maintenance-free synchronized motor
▪ Free axis programming via OptiMove CR08 axis control
▪ 255 storable programs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review