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Ultrasonic Sieve Insert (US07/US07-01)

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Product Overview

Powder processing for highest quality demands
The ultrasonic sieve insert US07 screens and loosens the powder and removes all foreign objects before it falls into the powder container of the OptiCenter models OC06, OC07, OC08 as well as OC09 and prepares it for excellent coating results. Screening is carried out as required for fresh and /or recycled powder.

An ultrasonic generator sets the free-swinging sieve frame in uniform motion and enables gentle sieving free of any hotspots.

Advantages of the ultrasonic sieve
▪ Improved application efficiency
▪ Dissolving and loosening of powder accumulations
▪ Substantial powder savings
▪ Retention of dirt particles and fibres
▪ Self-explanatory sieve activation via the OptiControl control system
▪ Optimized sieve solution for OptiCenter
▪ Coupling-free integration into the powder container, so that screening is free-swinging and highly efficient
▪ Controlled sieve frequency
▪ Different mesh sizes available
▪ Ergonomic and easy access for cleaning the complete sieve insert
▪ ATEX certified (dust approval)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review