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Testex Tape

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Product Overview

Testex Tape consists of foam with a non-compressible backing. The foam side is rubbed into the surface providing a permanent mould of the peak-to-valley profile. The profile of the surface can then be measured using the Elcometer 124 Thickness Gauge.

Testex Replica Tape is available in four profile ranges. It is important that the tape grade chosen is reflective of the profile being measured.

For profiles between 12 & 25µm (0.5 & 1.0mils): Coarse Minus Tape
For profiles between 20 & 64µm (0.8 & 2.5mils): Coarse Tape
For profiles between 38 & 115µm (1.5 & 4.5mils): X-Coarse Tape
For profiles between 116 & 127µm (4.6 & 5.0mils): X-Coarse Plus Tape

There are 50 tests in each Replica Tape roll.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review