Elcometer Qualicoat Powder Coating Inspection Kit BASIC

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Product Overview

includes : 
Elcometer 480 Statistical Glossmeter: 60° Model B
Elcometer 1506 Mandrel Bend Tester with 5mm and 8mm (0.20 and 0.31”) Mandrels
Elcometer 1615 Base Unit and Tube Assembly
Elcometer 1615 Kit B: ISO 6272/2 and BS 6496
Elcometer 1620 Manual Cupping Tester with Digital Gauge
Elcometer 215 Oven Data Logger & Kit* Standard
Elcometer 415 FNF Integral Digital Coating Thickness Gauge for smooth surfaces
Elcometer 1542 Cross Cut Set 6 x 1, 2, 3mm with ISO or ASTM Adhesive Tape

The Elcometer Qualicoat Powder Coating Inspection Kit provides the various test instrumentation required to meet the high standards of the Qualicoat Organisation.

The Qualicoat Organisation brings together the ideals of several National Coating Associations into one quality label for powder coatings on aluminium architectural components. Qualicoat has established Specifications defining minimum requirements for the plant, test equipment, coating materials and finished products.

Within this quality label, Qualicoat identifies a range of inspection requirements to be undertaken with regards to the quality control of powder coated products.

Measurement parameters include:

Impact and deformation
Oven temperature
Coating thickness


(No reviews yet) Write a Review