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CleanAir Protective Respiratory Hood

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Product Overview


  • Wide panoramic visor with anti-fog coating
  • Individual headgear settings - adjustable perimeter and distance from the visor
  • Comfortable to wear over long time periods thanks to light weight nylon material
  • Basic mechanical protection for the eyes
  • Reflective pull tabs on chin and head for ease of use
  • Protective lens tear-offs available
  • Choice of Orange or Blue

Approved Combinations

  • RPA530-Lightweight and ergonomic respirator - Innovated CleanAIR® AerGO®
  • RCA544 -CleanAIR BASIC PAPR Unit
  • RCF549-CleanAIR Flow Master with belt & flow indicator


  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Wood processing Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Agricultural Industry


(No reviews yet) Write a Review