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The Most Comprehensive Training for Powder Coating Applicators

Posted by Teresa Haines on 25th Apr 2014

As a continually-growing worldwide industry, the need for qualified and skilled powder coating applicators continues to grow. Because of this increasing need across the industry, our training programs at RM Coating Supplies are also growing in popularity. Our expert instructors are dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction and education to those interested in extending their knowledge of powder coating equipment and those who are just beginning their career in the powder coating industry. 

Because of our comprehensive training, our reputation for enhancing applicator performance and for teaching the most innovative and state-of-the-art techniques continues to rank higher and higher. Our trainers have all worked in the field and know first-hand the proper processes for the best application of powder coating. Our t

Training by RM Coating Supplies can be facilitated at either our location or yours, making training your staff convenient for everybody involved. The programs involved can be tailored to your organization's specific needs and covers both academic and hands-on instruction.  

When needing the best in either training, personal protective equipment or powder coating equipment, RM Coating Supplies in Melbourne is prepared to provide you and your organization with the highest quality with a friendly smile.