The Most Common Mistakes Regarding Personal Protective Equipment

Posted by admin on 24th May 2014

Year after year, businesses in the plastic coating industry suffer both monetary and labor losses due to injury caused by the misuse or the non-use of personal protective equipment. Though standards exist regarding the proper implementation of personal safety apparel and equipment there still exists areas of non-compliance, for which there are several reasons. Businesses that have experienced non-compliance issues report the following reasons why:

  • Insufficient training - Training in many companies is at a more generic level and misses the specifics required for certain areas. All safety training should include information regarding when personal protective equipment (PPE) use is required, its limitations, how to inspect, care for and store PPE and how to wear it. 
  • Ill-fitting or uncomfortable equipment - One of the biggest complaints from workers is that the PPE that has been assigned is uncomfortable or unattractive. Allowing employees and those using the equipment to be involved in its selection is a good way to avoid these problems.
  • Enforcement issues - Employees often choose to not wear PPE if not required by supervisors or management. Reinforcement to follow strict standards of safety protocol is important in ensuring compliance.
  • Assessment gaps - Properly assessing the workplace as a whole to determine areas of concern and possibility of hazards is imperative in making sure that all areas are covered.
  • Out of date practices - Reassessing the appropriateness of equipment, policies and practices is important and needs to be done on a routine basis. 

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