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The Benefits of Powder Coating

Posted by Teresa Haines on 22nd Mar 2014

As Australian's most knowledgeable and experienced powder coating application specialists we know and understand the many benefits of a quality powder coating has over traditional liquid coatings. These benefits include:

1. The aspects of powder coating include resistance to abrasion and corrosion from acids and solvents. It provides excellent electrical insulation qualities and can be applied to steel, zinc, brass and aluminum.

2. Operation costs and equipment requirements are less than those of conventional liquid. Less space is needed when applying powder coating, capex is lower and powder is easier to apply with less operator training required.

3. Powder coatings and the application of such is much less detrimental to the environment. While emitting zero volatile organic compounds (VOC's), the application process produces far less hazardous waste than liquid paint with the sludge that is produced from overspray. Plus, no oven is required in the powder coating application process as powder coatings are solvent-free. Overspray is also recyclable, making it possible to use almost 100 percent of the coating. 

4. Its ready to use with no prep, stirring, mixing or stirring required. Its cost-efficient for use on small batches or single items and offers quick turnaround times. 

As more applications are found with new innovations in powder coating equipment, more manufacturers will find the many benefits of powder coating to be preferable to liquid coatings. For the best powder coating and personal protective equipment in Melbourne, turn to RM Coating Supplies.