RMCS Dust Collectors

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Product Overview

RMCS Powder Booths offer exceptional performance and value.

Our Standard model is 7000 CFM with Ten 900mm long Cartridge filters, smaller and larger models are available. RMCS can also custom make booths to suit your premises and operational requirements, ranging from requested sizes 2000 CFM to 10,000 CFM for example. . 

All models are built to comply with the Australian Standard AS3754-1990. Australian standard AS3754-1990 (Safe Application of Powder Coatings by Electrostatic Spraying) New cartridge filter dust collector can be directly coupled to an existing or new powder booth, optional “wings” for stand alone manual powder spray booth. 


  • 7000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) spunbonded polyester cartridge filter dust collector
  • Built to comply with Australian standard AS3754-1990 (Safe Application of Powder Coatings by Electrostatic Spraying)
  • High efficiency spunbonded polyester cartridge filters with internal threaded mounting rods for easy installation. 10 X 900mm Tall X 325mm Diameter filters.
  • Reverse pulse diaphragm valves (one for each filter) ensures optimal cleaning and maximizes filter service life
  • Electronic controller with 10 outputs, one for each reverse pulse cleaning valve, per-wired
  • Certified Pressure Vessel with safety release valve
  • Pressure Regulator with Gauge
  • Pressure Differential Gauge to monitor filter performance
  • Direct Drive high efficiency backward curve fan with WEG motor
  • DOL with isolation switch to start and stop fan, per wired
  • Easy access panels for servicing reverse pulse valves and cartridge filters
  • Gauge to monitor cartridge filter performance
  • Container on wheels to capture waste powder for easy disposal
  • Heavy gauge powder coated galvanised steel construction

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review