Ultrasonic Transducer Options

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Product Overview

Elcometer has a wide range of ultrasonic transducers available for use with the Elcometer 205, 206, 206DL, 208 & 208DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges. When selecting a transducer, it is important to choose one which will meet the application, taking the following into consideration:

  • The type of material to be tested.
  • The design of the transducer probe.
  • The measurement range.
  • Whether the shape of that substrate is flat or curved or hard to reach.

Please note that ultrasonic transducers are consumables and wear out with use.

  • A range of frequencies and sizes is available to meet specific needs.
  • Straight and right angle ultrasonic transducers available as potted or microdot.
  • Potted Transducers: the transducer cable is fixed to the transducer head on the cable to be replaced quickly and easily. These are more suitable for surfaces with a greater curvature and have a smaller footprint.
  • High Temperature transducers: temperature up to 340°C (650°F).
RMT92016871 Graphite Delay Line (for PLAS mode)
RMT92015701 Ultrasonic Couplant – 120ml (4fl oz) Bottle
RMT92024034-7 Ultrasonic Couplant – 300ml (10fl oz) Bottle
RMT92024034-8 Ultrasonic Couplant – 500ml (17fl oz) Bottle
RMT92024034-3 Ultrasonic Couplant – 3.8l (1 US Gallon) Bottle
RMT92024034-9 High Temperature Ultrasonic Couplant; 510°C (950°F) – 60ml (2fl oz)
RMT9205243- Test Wedge: 2 - 25mm (0.07 - 0.98”) in 6 Steps
RMT9205270- Test Wedge: 30 - 100mm (1.18 - 3.93”) in 8 Steps



(No reviews yet) Write a Review