Ultrasonic Sieve Insert (US06)

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Product Overview

Powder processing for highest quality demands

The integrated ultrasonic sieve US06 conditions, cleans and loosens the reclaimed or virgin powder as the material enter the OptiSpeeder.

You select whether you want to sieve your fresh powder, clean your reclaimed powder or process both types.

The optimized US06 sieve oscillation technology puts the sieve into a constant vibrating mode within a selected μm range. The perfectly conditioned powder supports the achievement of excellent coating results.

Advantages of the UltraSonic sieve (US06)
▪ Preconditions and loosens powder agglomerations
▪ Dirt particles and fibers removed in process
▪ Excellent sieving performance and powder flow with all mesh sizes
▪ Perfect system integration into the OptiCenter
▪ Ergonomic and easy access for the cleaning process
▪ ATEX certified (for dust)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review