Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers

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Product Overview

Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers for volume flows from 20 to 850 m³/h


The compressed air is being fed into the dryer and being pre-cooled in the air-to-air heat exchanger by the outgoing cold compressed air.The pre-cooled air then passes through the refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger where it is being further cooled down to the required pressure dew point. The moisture in the compressed air condenses out and gathers and discharges automatically. Finally, the cold discharged air is being reheated by the incoming compressed air. This saves energy and prevents any moisture forming beyond the dryer in the compressed air system.

The cooling capacity of the refrigeration cycle is being controlled by a hot gas bypass which assures the dryer functionabilty for partial loads, too.

Features of Buran dryer DC 0020 AB - DC 0850 AB

  • Aluminum heat exchanger - No corrosion inside the heat exchanger due to contact with wet compressed air
  • High overload capacity to a pressure dew point of approx.+20 °C - In case of overload, the dryer will
  • only switch off at a dew point above than appr. +20 °C
  • Electronic level controlled condensate drain - No compressed air losses due to condensate removal, therefore reductionof operating costs
  • All dryer in metal cabinet construction - Optimum protection against mechanical damage and against dirt
  • Lightweight & compact design  - Minimum space requirement (on stock, for transport and for the installation in the compressed air network)
  • Potential free alarm signal Economical operation and safe system installation in the compressed air network



(No reviews yet) Write a Review