Reciprocator (ZA07/ZA08/ZA15)

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Product Overview

The ZA15 axis serves exclusively to move vertically powder applicators in automatic coating equipment.

Smooth running characteristics for perfect coating results

Short or long stroke - the ZA Reciprocator offers simple programming, smooth running and high loading capacity. The heavy load version of the reciprocator has a loading capacity up to 100 kg.

Customer Benefits:
▪ Long-stroke and short-stroke operation
▪ High loading capacity and stability
▪ Slim column design allows space-saving arrangement of the guns
▪ Extremely smooth running through toothed belt transmission
▪ Maintenance-free AC motor
▪ Free axis programming
▪ Storable programs
▪ Bus/CAN-Bus technology integrated into the control unit


(No reviews yet) Write a Review