Pureflo ESM Powered Air Respiratory Helmet

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Product Overview

Lighter, smaller and more powerful than any previous models, this unique battery powered, positive pressure system delivers a constant, plentiful supply of clean air, to meet the demands of even the most extreme working conditions.

With no trailing leads or belt mounted attachments the Pureflo ESM is completely self contained and more convenient to use, enabling the wearer to move freely from task to task without restrictions - even in close working environments.

Two lightweight, rechargeable batteries clip easily into position inside the helmet providing 6 hours of more of continuous operation. Batteries can be fully recharged within 2 1/2 hours without removing them from the helmet.

The high efficiency HE P100 filter prevents the inhalation of potentially harmful particulates and liquid/sold aerosols from the surrounding atmosphere while the helmet/face shield combination protects the head, eyes and face from impact of liquid splashes. The adjustable neck cape maintains the positive pressure zone within the helmet and face shield while offering additional protection to the lower face and neck. The Pureflo ESM incorporates a unique, state of the art electronic systems Management by using an on board CPU to constantly monitor filter usage, battery life and airflow to ensure optimum performance at all times.

This innovative, industry proven system eliminates the cost and inconvenience of supplying, stocking and maintaining separate safety helmets, bump caps, brow guards, face shields, dust masks, half and full face respirators.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review