Plastic Shims

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Product Overview

Certified Plastic Shims (foils) provide an economical alternative to coated metal plates. They have a reduced accuracy of ±2 µm (±0.08 mil). A coating thickness gage measures shim thickness when this shim is placed over a smooth metal surface (zero plate).

Non-Certified Plastic Shims (foils) provide a quick operational check of the instrument and they allow the user to perform practice measurements when placed over metal.

Alternatively, they can be placed over an uncoated metal substrate. They are not suitable for use with magnetic pull-off gages.

Shims overview:

Simulate a coating over a particular substrate material or shape. Gage performance can be conveniently verified on a regular basis as required by some international test methods
For use with all Type 2, electronic coating thickness gages
Protects the probe from damage or premature wear when placed over hot or abrasive surfaces
Can be placed on top of soft or tacky coating films to obtain thickness measurements without the gage probe depressing the coating film
Dimensions: 3 x 8 cm (1 x 3 inches)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review