Optistar All-In-One

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Product Overview

Fastest response behaviour for highest coating efficiency The OptiStar All-in-One is the first control unit in the powder coating industry to combine electrostatics and powder feed via injector in an very compact device.The new design eliminates all pneumatic lines between injector and control unit and enables space-saving system integration into the powder management center. This guarantees the highest cleaning efficiency as well as fastest response times of the powder output for a delay-free control of  he powder cloud.

Main features OptiStar All-in-One:

  • Compactest design for space-saving integration with shortest powder suction distances
  • Integrated one-piece OptiFlow injector
  • Digital Valve Control (DVC) for precise powder output control
  • Precision Charge Control (PCC) guarantees exact current control below 10 μA in 0.5 increments. This prevents overcharging of challenging powders.
  • CAN bus technology for horizontal integration into the higher-level plant control system

Main features OptiFlow injector:

  • Innovative cartridge design merges injector nozzle and conveying insert into a single component and enables a consistent powder output
  • Consistent powder flow for uniform film thickness
  • «Plug & Convey» function for quick color change and cleaning by removing powder hose and cartridge in one easy step
  • Unique Inline Design
  • Use of non-adhesive materials for the cartridge


(No reviews yet) Write a Review