OptiFlow Inline Injector IG07 (Manual Coating)

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Product Overview

Inline Injector OptiFlow IG07 for manual coating. Ensures a constant powder flow, optimized color change and low operating costs with the most advanced injector technology. The injector's unique single-component cartridge design reduces wear consumption, guarantees a long term consistent powder flow and enables even faster wear part exchange.

  • The injector's unique design reduces wear consumption, guarantees a constant powder transport for a long time and an easy integration into any system.
  • All connections are equipped with a robust quick release mechanism. This enables a time-saving access to all parts. Disconnect and reassemble with an ease.
  • The smooth powder flow design and the axial sealing guarantee a optimized color change.
  • The OptiFlow precise design, combined with the patented DVC technology ensures precise and reproducible powder output.
  • The OptiFlow has a unique design with 135° open angle that reduces wear consumption and guarantees a constant powder flow for a long time.
  • OptiFlow injectors can feed more powder with less compressed air. This reduces the wear of the injectors and of the guns.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review