NDS900A - Numatic Fine Dust Vacuum

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Product Overview

DISCONTINUED ITEM - Please note this products spare parts are still available.

Numatic Vacuum cleaner dust NDS900A synchronized with power tool autostart. Vacuum cleaners for professional applications, meeting the requirements inherent in the suction very volatile and dangerous clogging dust to respiratory Public Health. Exceptional power and speed suction.

The DustCare range has been a dedicated development to produce a range of professional machines addressing the needs of fine dust applications as found throughout the building industry.

The AirFlo and MicroFlo technology (patent applied for) has introduced an exceptional upgrade in both performance and dust collection and this technology has been incorporated into our Structofoam 570 and 900 professional models.

An Optional kit is available (NH5) to allow the DustCare machine to be connected directly to the dust collection hood on the particular hand tool being used.

For fine dust applications the MicroFlo multistage dust collection bags are exceptional, reaching standards previously not possible but, at the same time, allowing for both the clean operation and simplified emptying of the collected dust, just not possible with unbagged designs with complex, and continuously blocked, filter concepts.

• Simplex one motored model - NDS 900
• Duplex two motored model – NDD 900
• HepaFlo dust collection standard
• MicroFlo extra fine dust option
• Standard manual operation
• Optional AutoFlo automatic operation - NDS 900A / NDD 900A



(No reviews yet) Write a Review