NDD570 - Numatic Fine Dust Vacuum

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Product Overview

DISCONTINUED ITEM - Please note this products spare parts are still available.

This machine is perfect for the powder coating industry where fine dust is a everyday environmental factor. Have these particles in the air can make it difficult for all those working inside to breathe. In such work conditions, it is very important to remove fine dust from the air for the health of all the employees. Not many vacuum cleaners are equipped with the technology to perform this task efficiently. However, for NDD570 from Numatic, cleaning the air of fine dust is a very easy job. This is because of the revolutionary new technologies of MicroFlo and AirFlo that have been used in the NDD570 vacuum cleaner that belongs to the filtration and cyclonic applications category. So effective is the dust collection ability of the NDD570 vacuum cleanerthat it is being pressed into professional and commercial applications in all parts of the world.

•  A powerful motor giving 2400 watts of power
•  A long cleaning range of 26.8m
•  Lightweight at 16.5 kg keeping it extremely portable
•  High airflow of 76L/sec
•  Huge dry capacity of 26L not requiring emptying frequently
•  Powerful suction of 2400mm

The NDD570 vacuum cleaner comes with a standard accessory kit called BB5. However, the NDD570 can be purchased with an optional kit called NH5 that can be attached at the source of dust generating hand tools  making the cleaner much more effective and fast.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review