MultiStar Gun Control (CG10)

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Product Overview

Control up to 12 guns with only one unit

With the new gun control MultiStar up to 12 guns can be controlled simultaneously. The clear display screen makes it easy to find the optimal settings in every condition. The user-friendly and clearly readable user interface allows a very precise setting of all gun parameters. Advanced users can create customized  programs and achieve perfect coating quality, reproducible time after time. Three pre-set programs give the best performance on flat parts, profiles and re-coating. The MultiStar Gun Control runs in 2 operation modes - Easy Mode and Advanced Mode.

Customer Benefits:

  • High flexibility with 1 central control unit MultiStar for 6 guns on individual application
  • Additional control unit MultiStar Extend for 6 additional guns, whereas gun programming is carried out by central control
  • Easy to handle and intuitive user interface and programming of 1-12 guns with the central display
  • Easy to integrate in new or existing systems
  • High reliability, easy maintenance
  • High coating performance in combination with Gema Automatic guns


(No reviews yet) Write a Review