Elcometer 236 DC Holiday Detector

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Product Overview

The Elcometer 236 Holiday Detector provides high voltage porosity testing to detect pits, flaws, holes, etc. in a wide variety of non-metallic coatings.
The Elcometer 236’s convenient carry case allows the probe handle and accessories to be attached to the front making the Elcometer 236 holiday tester ideal for field, site or laboratory inspection.

An accessory pouch, which accommodates the additional rechargeable battery (optional) can also be attached to the soft carry case - thereby extending inspection time without the need for recharging the unit.

Robust and fully portable
Audio and visual alarms for noisy environments
Supplied with a band brush probe
Digital display of output voltage or current
Adjustable sensitivity
15kV and 30kV options available with fully adjustable output voltage
The Elcometer 236 holiday detector is available in two versions: 0.5 - 15kV and 0.5 - 30kV. Each unit provides the user with complete control of voltage and sensitivity settings.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review