ElcoMaster Data Management Software

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Product Overview

ElcoMaster is a fast, easy to use software and mobile app for all your data management, reporting and quality assurance needs.

It’s not just taking measurements but what you do with the collected data that matters.

As inspectors can spend up to 30% of their working week producing reports, ElcoMaster saves time and money by producing professional bespoke reports in seconds - even when out on site.

What ElcoMaster® can do:

Import and combine measurements via Bluetooth® or USB from a full range of Elcometer gauges, including:
Surface Profile
Salt Contamination
Climatic Conditions
Oven Data Logging
Coating Thickness
Corrosion Thickness
Adhesion Testing
Gloss Measurements
No need to learn different software for different gauges, all Elcometer products use the same expert platform
Store data in a simple file tree, by project and by inspection type
Easy on screen analysis with histograms, statistics, measurements, limits, notes, diagrams and photographs
Export data direct to Microsoft Excel. csv. txt. Cqatk formats etc to save time and prevent keying in errors
Generates reports instantly using standard or pre-designed templates in seconds. No need for data manipulation simply connect the gauge, download data and drag & drop
Combine multiple inspection parameters (such as DFT, profile, climate, adhesion and gloss) together with images, notes and other project specific information in bespoke quality reports to set you apart from the competition
In many industries multiple sites/locations/production lines are used to fabricate the product components which are brought together at the final assembly line. Different inspection parameters all need to be combined to approve the final product. Using Cloud technology ElcoMaster® gives you real time quality control monitoring inspection projects in any location


(No reviews yet) Write a Review