Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge

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Product Overview

The Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge sets new standards; providing reliable and accurate coating thickness measurements; helping you to become more efficient.

The Elcometer 456 dry film thickness gauge is available in four different models.  Each gauge provides the user with increasing functionality - from the entry level Elcometer 456 Model E, to the top of the range Elcometer 456 Model T.

Integral gauges are ideal for single handed operation as the wide footprint of the Bigfoot™ internal probe provides greater stability during measurement - allowing for consistent, repeatable and accurate results.
Separate models, with their wide range of probes, provide even greater coating thickness measurement flexibility.

Formal quality systems, such as those described in ISO 9001, require that gauges be properly controlled, logged and in calibration. Increasingly, users are specifying that the readings taken by gauges are traceable to National Standards. A comprehensive range of certified foils together with zero test plates is available to ensure the accuracy of the gauges, click here.


 e456 e456  e456  e456
Large easy to read measurements in Metric and Imperial units View up to 8 user selectable statistics on-screen On-screen trend graph displaying last 20 measurement values Individual batch readings can be reviewed numerically or graphically
e456  e456  e456  made for mobile devices
Bigfoot™ integral probe for accurate and repeatable measurements Ergonomic design for comfort during continuous use 2.4” colour screen provides enhanced reading visibility at all angles USB and Bluetooth® data output to iPhone* or Android™ devices


For more information on the Elcometer 456, visit www.elcometer456.com.


Scale 1
Range 0-1500µm   (0-60mils) Accuracy ±1-3% or ±2.5µm   (±0.1mil)
Resolution 0.1µm:   0-100µm; 1µm: 100-1500µm (0.01mil: 0-5mils; 0.1mil: 5-60mils)
  Model   E Model   B Model   S Model   T
Elcometer 456 Ferrous Integral RMA456CFEI1 RMA456CFBI1 RMA456CFSI1 RMA456CFTI1
Elcometer 456 Non-Ferrous Integral - RMA456CNBI1 - -
Elcometer 456 Dual FNF Integral RMA456CFNFEI1 RMA456CFNFBI1 RMA456CFNFSI1 RMA456CFNFTI1
Scale 2 Range 0-5mm   (0-200mils) Accuracy ±1-3% or ±20µm   (±1.0mil)
Resolution 1µm:   0-1mm; 10µm: 1-5mm (0.1mil: 0-50mils; 1mil: 50-200mils)
For   higher resolution & accuracy on thin coatings Scale 2 gauges can be   switched to the Scale 1 mode measurement performance
  Model   E Model   B Model   S Model   T
Elcometer 456 Ferrous Integral - RMA456CFBI2 - -
Scale 3 Range 0-13mm   (0-500mils) Accuracy ±1-3% or ±50µm   (±2.0mils)
Resolution 1µm:   0-2mm; 10µm: 2-13mm (0.1mil: 0-100mils; 1mil: 100-500mils)
  Model   E Model   B Model   S Model   T
Elcometer 456 Ferrous Integral - RMA456CFBI3 - -

 Elcometer 456 Paint and Powder Gauge Video



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