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“We recently upgraded to new guns on one of our booths, the equipment was installed and commissioned as promised in a single day and we’ve seen a noticeable improvement in finish quality” 

“RMCS provides excellent service, support and a wide range of products we require for our powder coating lines across the country. We have different brands of equipment and they are able to fully support them” 

“We have service agreements in place with RMCS for our powder coating equipment in Victoria and Queensland, we’ve found with regular maintenance our breakdowns have reduced” 

“We find that RMCS offers us cost effective solutions and good service” 

“We call upon RMCS for technical advice, they are very experienced” 

“We’ve utilised RMCS for staff training and technical support, I’ve always found them to be knowledgeable and helpful” 

“We utilise RMCS to maintain and repair all of our powder coating equipment” 

“We’ve had a long association with RMCS and have always found them to be responsive and knowledgeable”

“We’ve purchased two dust collectors and all of our powder guns from RMCS, they have excellent products and support”

“We had Reuven prepare a specification for our new powder coating plant, this proved to be very beneficial, when we encountered problems there was documentation to support our concerns” 

Should you wish to add to this list please email andrea@rmcoatingsupplies.com.au with your comments. Thank you.